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The Truth Behind Ice Cream

On a hot day, who doesn’t love ice cream? But choose wisely by reading the ingredients list. Being more expensive does not necessarily mean it’s better quality. Often it can be a catch as even though the packaging is appealing, it basically still has the same chemical concoction inside.

Retail ice cream outlets don’t have to list their ingredients . . . so what are you really getting? Who knows!

Real ice cream is basically cream, sugar and eggs and then fruit or flavouring for variety.

If you really want to eat ice cream, at least eat real ice cream instead of the garbage that is sold today. Here are just some of the ingredients found in retail ice cream:

  1. Diethyl glycol, a cheap chemical used as an emulsifier instead of eggs.

  2. Aldehyde C17, an aniline dye used in plastic and rubber (gives "cherry" flavour)

  3. Piperonal, a chemical used to kill lice (used in place of vanilla)

  4. Ethyl acetate, a chemical that also cleans leather (used for pineapple flavour). Its vapors are known to cause chronic lung, liver and heart damage

  5. Butyraldehyde, a chemical used in rubber cement (used for nut flavour)

  6. Amyl acetate, a paint solvent (used for banana flavour)

  7. Benzyl acetate, a nitrate solvent (used for strawberry flavour)

Rather than using cream from milk, the offal and scraps from slaughter houses are purchased and the fat rendered out of them is used instead. Cooked animal fat is in ice cream while loads of additives are dumped in. Your ice cream is really just lard and a bunch of synthetics.

So the next time you are tempted by a luscious looking banana split sundae, think of it as a mixture of anti-freeze, oil paint, nitrate solvent and lice-killer, and you will find it not so appetising.

The even healthier alternative is my version of ice cream found in my recipe book, The Easy Guide to a Clean and Lean Body, made from coconuts, cashews, olive oil, vanilla beans and your favourite healthy sweetener.


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