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Excalibur is the #1 choice of homeowners, small businesses, universities and restaurants worldwide. It's the world's best quality, most versatile dehydrator ever!


With the adjustable Hyperwave™ thermostat and removable trays, you can dry just about anything!


Excalibur has an adjustable thermostat that lets you fine tune to the exact temperature you need, removable trays let you customise drying space for small or large items, and lots of drying space, so you handle large volumes up to 10 times faster.


Here is what you can do with Excalibur:


  • preserve fruits & vegetables quickly & easily
  • dry fish & meats in just 4-6 hours
  • whip up treats that’ll put your baker out of business
  • make fun and flavourful fruit rolls that are good for you
  • provide your own high-production yoghurt factory
  • save money on your food bills
  • eliminate preservatives & additives
  • eliminate excess salt & fillers


Paraflex Ultra Sheets $19 each

Paraflex Premium Sheets $13 each


Comes in black and white


  • $25 shipping within Australia.

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