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Are you suffering with back, hip or neck pain? The positive alignment technique is a gentle yet very powerful series of muscle and connective tissue movements. Energy vibrations are created within the fascia or the tissue underlying the body's muscles. By following a particular sequence of moves, we stimulate the body's own energy flows which allows healing to take place.  


The technique can be used on anyone. It provides fast, effective treatment for sports injuries, back pain, hip pain, neck pain, stress and tension discomfort. It's non-invasive, causes no trauma to muscles or joints and creates balance in the body to bring about relaxation and enhanced wellbeing.​


If you’ve had an accident or a fall and are not feeling comfortable, confident, strong and stable in your body, it’s because your coccyx (tailbone) has moved and is not in its correct position. Your coccyx bone is extremely important. It is located at the very end of your spine and is the anchor for your spine. 

It is attached to the bottom of the sacrum, and is the anchor for many of the muscles in the pelvic floor. When the tailbone has been injured, the angle of attachment for the muscles changes, causing tightness and spasm in some muscles and weakness in others. This can contribute to hip and back pain with sitting, walking, lifting, bending and squatting. 


With decreased muscular support for the sacrum, external support must be provided to decrease the hypermobility and pain.  You can increase support by wearing a sacral support belt to stabilize the sacral iliac joints, however, even with this external support, some people will continue to have a decrease in balance due to the internal decrease of core, hip, and pelvic floor stability and strength.  This can lead to an increased risk of falls and injury with everyday activities.


The coccyx and levator ani muscles also play an important role for lymphatic and blood flow to the torso. Changes in lymphatic and blood flow occur due to decreased or changed pelvic floor muscle activity. In conjunction with the thoracic diaphragm, the pelvic floor muscles act as a pump for the lymphatic system, issuing fluid to the thoracic duct, the main drain for the lymphatic system. A backup of fluid often occurs when there is poor coordination of the diaphragm and the pelvic floor muscles. This will appear as abdominal swelling, bloating, or pelvic heaviness.  


With the changes in the pelvic floor muscles, we will also have decreased support of the pelvic organs. The weakness of the pelvic floor and core muscles lead to pelvic organ prolapse of the bladder, rectum and/or uterus. Pelvic organ prolapse can contribute to urinary leaking, constipation, and pelvic heaviness.  


The coccyx truly is our anchor and is never to be overlooked or taken for granted.  The Positive Alignment Technique requires two treatments 7-14 days apart. This is a recommended necessity for full benefits to be achieved.

Treatment time is 2 hours. $175.00 per treatment.


To book an appointment, call 0411 406 316.


“I was having a great deal of pain in my feet which was not responding to other treatments so Sue suggested I try her PAT (Positive Alignment Treatment). It was thought to be referred pain from my spine. The very gentle treatment consisted of two sessions 2 weeks apart. By the end of the first treatment, the pain in my feet had subsided significantly and continued to do so over the following few days.  An added bonus was that my neck elongated during the session and I regained a centimetre in lost height. I could turn my neck through a 180-degree angle which has not been possible over the last few years and it was a great deal freer.

After the second session I had cramps and restless legs for a few nights then all the muscles seemed to relax and these symptoms disappeared along with my hip pain, curvature of the spine, tension in the T4 –T11 part of my back (Scoliosis) and I can now go up and down stairs without the aid of the balustrade to haul me up.  Another added bonus is that my balance appears to have returned and I am walking with a free gait and a lot quicker. Also, I no longer have the feeling that I may fall.

This PAT is amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone who needs the tension taken out of the muscles, ligaments and tendons in their back, neck and legs to allow the spine to realign correctly on its own and improve your state of wellbeing”.

— Liz Taylor

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