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This body wrap uses the original mineral formula invented by Victoria Morton fifty years ago. The secret is the proprietary mineral powder. A specific combination of food grade organic minerals are mixed in heated, purified water and absorbed into compression bandages which are applied over the entire body. 

The wraps help keep your skin supple and assist clients to visibly tighten, tone, and reshape the body. Suitable for men and women of all ages and body types.

In combination with a good diet, the wraps slim the body down, help tighten sagging skin and smooth areas that have cellulite.

To book an appointment, call 0411 406 316.


Treatment Packages

10 treatment package: $2000

20 treatment package: $3600

Pay per treatment: $220


As a physician my approach to medicine is holistic. I first had 9 wraps over 3 days and felt rejuvenated. I was more interested in inches lost than anything else at the time. Six weeks later I had 3 more. I no longer have water retention in my feet. My appetite is cut. Now the focus is no longer on the inches lost, but the cleansing effect. The healthy feeling is worth doing again and again.

— AS

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