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Imagine having such good health, you wake up every day full of energy and feeling great. This book is for people who want better health and more energy. If you’re struggling with weight issues, thyroid issues, diabetes, heart disease, digestive and bowel problems, depression, high blood pressure and other innumerable illnesses, including these recipes in your diet and following the 8 healthy living principles will make a massive difference in improving your health and your body. Excess weight will easily disappear, digestive complaints and many other health complaints will also heal. What we put in our mouths is paramount to living in a healthy body. This book is loaded with delicious, quick and easy recipes for the whole family.


All recipes are vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and sugar-free.


You’ll learn

​1. How to get your health on track easily so you’re not burdened with ill-health

2. The 8 principles of healthy living and how to easily incorporate them into your daily life

3. 66 delicious, quick and easy recipes, including juices, smoothies, mueslis, nut milks, salads, savouries, soups, dips, and desserts

4. How to have a clean and lean body without ever dieting, starving yourself or spending hours working out at the gym

5. Why healthy digestion and easy elimination are so important

6. Why nourishing our bodies with wholefoods makes us glow from the inside out


For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts section of this book will amaze you with how delicious healthy desserts can be. The desserts are so good you could literally have them for breakfast.


This book provides you with simple principles and sustainable strategies to get you on the road to experiencing the benefits of true health, vitality and energy.

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