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Challenging Times

We are living in a time of change. It is natural for people to react with fear, because unknown changes will doubtlessly bring some level of challenge.

However, we are here and very capable to rise to the challenges in which we find ourselves. It is helpful to reflect on our own lives and make any changes necessary to fully support humanity and our world to a state of gratitude. When we open our hearts in love instead of closing them in fear, we serve the divine process. We are all powerful and can choose to serve our fellow humans, our planet and the universe. Find ways to serve and fear dissipates. We may simply serve by remaining calm and loving with our families and friends. The essential element is the internal gesture of choosing to remain in love. This is all that is needed.

When it is difficult to remain in love, we may always call upon our unseen helpers. All we need to do is ask and then trust that we are being helped. The guidance we receive is love itself, showing us the way.


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