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Biased Studies

While it is uncomfortable to talk about, most research and science related to chronic illnesses is biased and cannot be trusted since medical research is driven by money. When reading a study, always know investors were most likely involved and the outcomes of the study are persuaded by these investors. Science and research in the medical and alternative health world is fraught with non-truths and misleading information that are often intended to be confusing for the general public.

Often researchers are influenced by their understandable desire to advance their career by fitting into the current trend. It is simply bad for business to conduct a study that does not result in something a researcher can confidently hang their hat on. This is the uncomfortable truth about the medical industry: research and science when dealing with mystery chronic illnesses is not about getting people better; it is about personal career and income growth and massive funding.

There are countless incredible health professionals in both the medical and alternative health world who are deeply committed to helping their clients heal. The large majority of these are compassionate and dedicated healers who genuinely want the best for their clients. It’s the industries, not the individual doctors and healers, that are the source of the problem.

The next time you hear of the latest science findings, first think, “What pill or potion are they trying to sell me?”


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