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How Busy Are You?

When we rush through our days and lives, we fail to notice the simple beauty of living.

Do you make time to bask in the simple beauty of living? Are you busy rushing through the days getting things done quickly? We are taught to value speed and "busyness", but is that bringing you joy and fulfillment? So often we are forging ahead in search of some elusive sense of fulfillment but feeling more disconnected.

By learning to slow down at times, we get the opportunity to rediscover the significance of simple aspects of our lives. Sitting and enjoying a meal can be a celebration of nourishment. A job completed can bring profound pleasure.

Give yourself time to indulge your curiosity, enjoy moments, connect with others, sit and think and explore your thoughts.

How often do we focus on "doing" rather than just "being"?

Life is short. Going slow doesn’t mean being passive or lazy. It just gives us the ability to enjoy and fully appreciate moments. When urgent matters arise, we can centre ourselves to make the best choices for moving ahead. Simplicity allows us to let go of those activities and commitments that don’t benefit us. It frees up time to find constructive, fulfilling activities to immerse ourselves in that nourish our souls every day.

If you find it challenging to slow yourself down, your body can create illness that will cause you to have to slow down. Open your mind and your heart to deeper levels of awareness and discover the joy of being alive.


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