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Mysterious Weight Gain

Are you suffering with mysterious weight gain?

Much of mysterious weight gain is fluid retention. For instance, if you think you’re 20kgs overweight, it’s probably only 15kgs of body fat, and the other 5kg are fluid that your body’s holding on to.

Why does this fluid retention happen?

When your liver gets to the point where it can’t protect you from toxins in the bloodstream anymore, your lymphatic system must step in to become the filter your liver’s meant to be. Your lymphatic system is geared to be an after-filter to the liver, dealing with micro and nano amounts of toxins and debris. However, when the liver gets pre-fatty, fatty and sluggish, stagnant or even just sickit can’t do its job anymore. The lymphatic system must take on all the waste matter that the liver can’t handle. Since this sludge is thicker than the lymphatic system is meant to handle, it clogs the lymphatic vessels and ducts, so lymph fluid can’t flow as it normally would. To adapt to this, the lymphatic system tries to push lymph fluid around it with the goal of building pressure to flush out the large-scale debris; however, the lymph generally still can’t flow through the passageways unhampered, so pockets of fluid start to collect. The result is that you retain fluid, adding inches to your waistline, hips, butt and thighs and many pounds to the scales.

This is why my healthy living protocol includes enemas for bowel cleansing and coffee enemas for liver cleansing. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch. I have the best quality enema kits to make it easy for you to take care of these vital organs by yourself at home. Having your body working properly will require some dietary changes too, but I've made this really simple you in my book The Easy Guide to a Clean and Lean Body. It has all the health tips and delicious recipes for a healthy body.


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