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Our Words are Energy

Our words carry energy and have the potential to heal or hurt. Can you remember a time someone sent a word your way that still sticks with you? It may have been accurate or inaccurate, or it may have just been a friend or sibling calling you a name, but either way it stuck. What we say and how we say it has weight and power.

The more conscious we become, the more we deepen our relationship to the words we use and speak from a place of really feeling what we are saying. We begin to recognise that words are not abstract and disconnected, used only to get a message across; they are powerful transmitters of feeling. Practice noticing the words you say and hear and how they affect your body and your emotional state. Notice how the different communication styles of people in your life make you feel. Be aware of how your own words come out and what affect they have on those around you.

When we speak slowly and confidently, we allow those receiving our words time and space to take them in. When we carefully listen to others before we speak, our words have more integrity. When we take time to centre ourselves before speaking, we truly begin to harness the power of speech. It’s my purpose that my words can be intelligent messengers of healing and light, transmitting deep and positive feelings to those who receive them.


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