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Transform Unhealthy Behaviours

There are many areas in our lives on which we can place blame. Our upbringing, our school, our religions and cultures . . .

It’s easy to react critically. It’s even easier to let your negative feelings leak out of you like a tap.

Here are some tips for transforming unhealthy behaviours into healthy ones.

  1. Breathe Instead of reacting quickly to a situation or automatically blaming someone, take a deep breath and slow down.

  2. Identify your intention Always think of both sides (positive and negative) of a situation. What will you gain by speaking out?

  3. Speak from the heart Start speaking from your heart instead of speaking from a place of pain and blame. Start sharing what you really feel.

  4. Hold yourself accountable If you get triggered, ask to be held accountable. If you lash out, that’s okay, but be sure to reflect on what happened and what pushed you to do so.

  5. Keep practicing Don’t give up. It’s your life and your health. Make the best of it.


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